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Take your fitness further with The TreadBarre

The TreadBarre is designed to complete your fitness regimen. We created the perfect combination of interval cardiovascular treadmill routines, our PilatesBarre method utilizing our Pilates Chairs & Spring Boards and strength training using free weights. Whether you are a serious athlete looking for a challenge, or trying to find the right full body workout, The TreadBarre is made for you.

Our Pricing

First Session $25

First 1 Month Unlimited $169


3 Month Minimum Unlimited $219/Mo

6 Month Minimum Unlimited $189/Mo

12 Month Minimum Unlimited $169/Mo


10 Sessions $250

20 Sessions $400

30 Sessions $540


SMU Student Single Session Rate $17

SMU Student 1 Month TreadBarre Only $149


*All sessions expire, but we understand that life happens! We are happy to extend your remaining sessions one time for a fee of $30. Sessions will only be extended for the same duration of time as the original package states.


We do not accept checks for any payment. For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and cash.

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